Baby Update at 34 Weeks

I’m officially on parental leave now, for a year! Yay-ah!

I got a Baby Factory voucher from the staff at work which we used towards a pretty bassinette. We weren’t sure if we needed one, but thought it would be handy especially as the family will be staying for three weeks around Christmas and we can have her in our room then. It’s compact and portable, and even smaller than the portacot so we’ll be able to take it to Auckland when we go up for the Green Day concert also.

Pretty bassinette

Pretty bassinette

Today was my first day off work, but I had to go in to drop off my swipe card and pick up some flowers that I got on Friday. Everyone asked how I liked having a sleep in. Can’t say I’ve had one yet – I got up at 7:30am, had breakfast, got showered and dressed and did a load of washing all before 9. That’s more than I get done on a normal work-day morning! I guess with the bright mornings and the broken sleep that I’m now used to, I just felt like I had had enough sleep by then. At least now I can take naps whenever I feel necessary.

Pretty flowers

Pretty flowers

Not much news on the pregnancy front. Just getting bigger and more uncomfortable. I waddle much more and slower too, which is frustrating because I hate it when people walk really slowly in front of me.

And the baby is pressing on my bladder more often when she squirms. Only five weeks to go though, and it could be as little as two (or as long as seven)! I’ve got my hospital bag all packed and ready to go, just in case.

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5 thoughts on “Baby Update at 34 Weeks

  1. Aw that’s adorable! And as you say it’ll be good to take to Auckland and much easier to have in your room and lounge when she’s brand new.

    She better not come in the first week of November! We’re away then and I’ll be gutted if we’re not here for it.


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