Baby Update at 35 Weeks

Lots of blood noses and congestion.

My own snoring wakes me up sometimes.

Have been extremely thirsty.

Harry Hungers attacks in the wee hours of the morning.

Belly gets in the way of everything.

So uncomfortable.

Bladder being pounded by active baby.

Some new aches around the pelvic region.

Me sleepy. So sleepy.

Taking the dog for a waddle, with sore carpal tunnel hands, not so fun.

And I want sushi.

35 weeks and 6 days pregnant

35 weeks and 4 days pregnant

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7 thoughts on “Baby Update at 35 Weeks

  1. Sushi time’s coming soon, hon, hang in there :) Sorry about all the discomfort…almost over…then comes the good stuff :)


    Chickie Little

    I’m having sushi tomorrow :) Homemade of course.

    Can’t wait until baby arrives!


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