Being domestic

It’s been a long time coming, but finally I got around to doing some sewing this weekend.

With about $9 of fabric (in an eggshell green and gold jacquard may I add) that I got as an off-cut from Spotlight, I managed to make four cushion covers, a plastic bag holder and two coasters. Not bad!

Now my cushions match

Now my cushions match

Theres somewhere nice to put all those plastic bags

Somewhere nice to put all those plastic bags

Coasters for the pending cocktails

Coasters for the pending cocktails

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3 thoughts on “Being domestic

  1. Crud, I lost my comment…

    I was just saying that I want to be your neighbour so you can teach me everything you know. The baking the sewing – everything I want to do more of and learn (the sewing). And genius about the plastic bags – see, I need to peak into your brain…then get the hands to carry out the skills.


    Chickie Little

    The Internet is a great teacher by the way :) Although if you’re anything like me, I like seeing practical examples rather than just reading about them.

    The plastic bag holder isn’t my idea though I like the credit :) Hehe. A sister in law has one of them in her kitchen and the hubby wanted one too so I made one.


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