A Week Wiser

What have I learnt this week?

  • Not having a functioning oven is an inconvenience. You can’t bake anything, including cupcakes!
  • ArtPop popcorn is the most disgusting microwave popcorn I’ve ever had. It smells like cheese and literally made me feel a little sick just from the smell. Ick.
  • I’ve really missed sushi. Even homemade involves a little more effort in heating up the prawns and surimi etc before I can be sure they’re safe.
  • It’s still not a good idea to use umbrellas in Wellington. You think you’d be alright when there’s just a light breeze about, but then out of nowhere there’s a big gust and you risk breaking your umbrella or looking like a dorky out-of-towner who should’ve just stuck to a rain jacket.
  • A baby’s descent into your pelvis is measured in fifths, as the average adult hand is roughly the width of a baby’s head. My current descent is 2/5, meaning the proportion of the baby’s head above my pelvis is equal to the width of two fingers, and 3/5 of its head is already buried inside. She’s preparing for delivery!
  • I love cinnamon donuts.
  • If you want monster pastries, the bakery in Hataitai Village can help with that. Look at the giant donut and apple croissant we got!
Big cinnamon donut

Big cinnamon donut - what value!

Big apple croissant

Big apple croissant which was much fun eating with all the icing sugar and flakiness going everywhere

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6 thoughts on “A Week Wiser

  1. I have just been reading that with second and subsequent pregnancies the babies head often does not engage until shortly before or once labour has started.
    However a second labour should be quickly then the first, so that would be great!


  2. Then, when you are exhausted and baby just won’t sleep you will think “why did I want you out so much???”.
    Then you get your child to nearly 3, who sleeps 12+ hours a night, eats easily and is generally very easy to look after and you decide it is time to start all over again!!!!!


  3. I’ve never had a cinnamon donut – I don’t think we have them here…and wow, either your hands are teeny tiny, or those pastries are gargantuan. Probably a bit of both, LOL.
    She’s coming soon! I can’t wait to get a glimpse of her!


    Chickie Little

    Cinnamon donut = sugar donut with cinnamon on it.
    Well my hands used to be teeny but now they’re stumpy and fat. But the donut and croissant are definitely much bigger than most I’ve had

    I can’t wait for baby either!


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