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If you haven’t already, grab a copy of this weekend’s New Zealand Herald. I’m in there as part of the article on mummy bloggers in their Canvas magazine. Unfortunately the main photo of me happens to be the fattest one with the most chins, but at least Fez looks cute!

And even though my part was focused on the financial hopes of this blog, it was just a small part of the whole interview. I blog because I enjoy it, and it’s a way to be creative as well as communicating my thoughts with others.

Let me also stress that you, my readers, are what keeps me going, because Google ads ain’t doing it! Lol *jokes*.

So thanks for being a part of Eggshell Green thus far. You all come back now, hear?

Update 4 November 2009: I’ve posted the Log on to Motherhood article for your reading pleasure.

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11 thoughts on “Read all about it

  1. Wow awesome to be featured. I’m not sure where to find the herald in Ch ch, might go check out if I can find it in the library. Maybe you can scan the article and put it on the blog?


  2. Hey, I was in the article too, so thought I’d check out your blog.
    Unfortunately, I think I’m the fattest one there (and you are pregnant, so at least you have an excuse).
    But it was a good story and great to be featured.
    Good luck with your pregnancy!


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