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Thanks to Kate for letting me know, the article has just been put on the New Zealand Herald website. The Log On To Motherhood article online doesn’t have all the pictures so I’ve left the thumbnails on this page so you can see what the printed version was like.

Original post:

Ok, for those who could not get the Weekend Herald newspaper, here is theĀ  article that I mentioned in a previous post. Doesn’t look like it’s going to be on the New Zealand Herald website so this is the only way I can share it with you.

I’ve gone old school and taken photos of the pages, but until the hubby or someone else can scan it in for me, this is the best I can do (as we don’t have a scanner at home).

They managed to get my name wrong in the pull quote on page 4 – whoops. And another typo, if you want to visit Bridget’s blog it’s at and not at!

Page one

Page one 3.6 MB JPG

Page one

Page two 3.5 MB JPG

Page three

Page three 2.8 MB JPG

Page four

Page four 2.7 MB JPG

Source: Canvas magazine, The Weekend Herald, 31 October 2009. Article by Nicky Pellegrino
Log On To Motherhood article now on the New Zealand Herald website
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9 thoughts on “The mummy blogging article

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  2. LOL funny story… when I read that you were in there I whipped out the canvas from the Herald, excitedly telling SB that my friend was in there. “Oh a uni friend?”, um no more just someone’s blog that I follow but have never met… he’s not a blogger, he doesn’t get it :)


  3. Thank you for taking photos so we could have a read :) So happy and excited to see you in print! I truly enjoy coming to see you every chance I get to go on Blogger :)
    I do hope you get your wish hon, and I truly think you will :)


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