A Week Wiser

What has befounded me this week?

  • In the last A Week Wiser post, I was talking about the baby’s descent being measured in fifths. There seems to be  worldwide confusion among pregnant ladies as to what number gets recorded, me included. I thought 2/5 meant the amount that can still be felt above the pelvis. Apparently the midwife at the last visit said they record the proportion of the baby’s head that’s descended below the pelvis, so she was only 2/5 descended rather than 3/5 at that time. There doesn’t seem to be any consistency with which number is recorded – could be either the proportion above the pelvis or the proportion below the pelvis. Best to confirm with the midwife so it makes sense. The baby is now closer to 3/5 descended, so this number should grow closer to 5/5 each time for me (or closer to 0/5 for others!). Can’t they make these things easier?
  • Fez gets defensive and growls and barks at fireworks. I’m not that surprised, and can’t blame him. It was his first ever Guy Fawkes last night and the booms and bangs got him all edgy. Had to get him to nap while we watched a loud movie to make him forget it. I think we mother him a bit much… :)
  • I keep failing at lemon curd pies. I’ve been wanting a more eggy set custard type of a pie/tart but keep ending up with a runny mess. Will try another recipe soon. Or I’ll give up and make a cheesecake instead…
  • I have woken up with a sore tongue lately because I’ve found that I close my jaw on it when I sleep on my side. I usually sleep on my back and alternate between sides but since being pregnant I’ve trained myself to sleep only on my left and end up with a very sore left-side of my tongue.
  • My spelling seems to be getting worse as I get older. I’ve had to google words lately that I should know how to spell!
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5 thoughts on “A Week Wiser

  1. Is the spelling getting worse as you get older, or could you perhaps blame it on pregnancy brain? I have heard from many sources that being pregnant leads to scatter brained moments.


    Chickie Little

    Haha, yes that’s very likely :) I have had many
    ‘baby brain’ moments!


  2. Oh my, a sore tongue…never saw that one coming! Don’t worry hon, it’s not just you – my spelling grows more atrocious(?) as the years go by.
    Off to read your last post – I see it, I see it!!!


  3. Oh poor puppy! And poor you. Have you tried a body pillow? They saved me when I was pregnant, and I still use them! They are so comfy even my hubby has one now!
    And yes, you can totally blame baby brain on loads of things – before and after birth!
    Hey – have to be some perks in getting to be the one to carry the baby!


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