Baby Update at 39 Weeks

I am now 39 weeks and 6 days – the due date is tomorrow!

Having said that, no new developments towards her arrival. I am just big, uncomfortable, aching, tired and swollen. My feet look like trotters. I need to put them up to help with the swelling, but also go for walks to help kick-start labour. Can’t win.

I discovered a stretch mark on my belly yesterday. I was hoping I’d get away scott free, but no. I guess I don’t have much to complain about as some women have lots. It’ll fade anyway I’ve been told.

Will have a cardiotocography (CTG) on Wednesday Friday if she hasn’t arrived by then. That’s to monitor the baby and see where things are up to and perhaps get a date for when I’ll be induced. Good news is that they won’t let me go over 10 days overdue, so I will definitely have this baby by next Friday (or on the way to having her).

I really hope they don’t leave it too late as I’m worried she may no longer fit through, if you know what I mean. That and I don’t want to miss the Green Day concert on December 18!

39 wees 6 days pregnant, one day before due date

39 weeks 6 days pregnant, one day before due date

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22 thoughts on “Baby Update at 39 Weeks

  1. i had zoe at 39weeks and 6 days! i sported just the one stretch mark and then after all the pushing in labour ended up with a handful more.. they are already starting to fade :-) Good luck my dear! fun times ahead!!


    Chickie Little

    How interesting! Would be great if she arrived today.

    Looking forward to the good times (after the labour part)!


  2. ooooh hurry already little one, i want to see her!!! my baby bro was 6 days late and he was all wrinkley for the first few days, so cute, like a little alien old man or something!

    ohmigod, maybe next time you post, you’ll be offically a mummy!


  3. Not fun but getting that baby out safe feels like the biggest achievement ever and the end result is so worth it.
    You will be wonderful parents, just can’t wait until we get to see the baby pictures!


  4. Hey y’all.
    Chickie is in labour! It’s been over 12 hours now and bubs is taking her time. Epidural and hormones have been administered to try speed it up but midwife says she may not come tonight.

    I’m in txt with her hubby, and he says they’re doing ok, just very tired.


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