The birth and first days

In a nutshell, this is how it went (as far as a drugged-up person can remember…)

November 25

3am: Woke up to go loo and waters broke. How lucky is that. Called the midwife to let her know.

3:15am: Had a sudden lower back pain – suspected it was a contraction. Was right. Contractions continued at 5-9 minutes apart throughout morning. Midwife suggested coming into hospital when approaching 2 minutes apart, or if close to the 12 hour mark since waters broke.

12:45pm: 10 hours of contractions (owies!) later, arrived at hospital expecting to be advancing nicely. Found out I was only 1-2cm dilated instead of the expected 8cm. Decision was made to have an epidural and hormones to kick start dilation. Hubby almost faints when epidural was being administered. Epidural relief is bliss.

November 26

About 1:00am: 8cm dilated but baby’s head cannot fit through and heart rate a little irregular. After being pricked, poked, prodded and in a state of misery for 12 hours (including being nauseous, tired and hungry), a caesarian is ordered.

Abby being delivered by c section

Abby being delivered by c section

1:48am: Abigail Joyce Dixon is delivered weighing 3.7 kg  (8 lbs 3 oz). Even the midwives are surprised at her weight as I am only a wee thing. I am given her to breastfeed while in recovery, but cannot feel a thing.

November 26-28

I spent two days in hospital. Daytime was great. Hubby bought in all sorts of treats that I couldn’t have while pregnant including ham sandwiches and fresh cream donuts.

Nights were hideous. Husband had to go home at the end of visiting hours which made feeding Abby extremely exhausting.

The first night she would not settle and went into a crying fit for an hour and a half straight. Attending midwife was concerned and got a pediatrician to examine her. Found out I didn’t have enough colostrum for her so she was topped up with formula which worked. She still took a long time to calm down before and after feeding.

The two nights in hospital was a continous cycle of feeding and settling Abby, and I went with no sleep until I broke down in tears. Hospital midwives took her off my hands a couple times so I could have some sleep. They are awesome people.

Decided two nights was enough and I’d be better at home with the hubby. Abby arrived in her new home on Saturday 28 November 2009.

It’s still tough and tiring, but things are getting better as she is settling into a routine and we are getting used to reading her signs.

We love our baby girl and it’s all been worth it.

Abby points the finger

Abby points the finger

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10 thoughts on “The birth and first days

  1. Oh my, what incredible photographs and that last one is so funny!

    Poor you! I felt like I was re-reading my first daughter’s birth. Those first few day’s in hospital were also full of tears and anguish for me. I found recovering from a c-section very painful and difficult. Breastfeeding was also tough and it took a few week’s for my milk supply to really get established (and cracked, painful nipples due to my dear daughter having a short-tongue… this wasn’t discovered until 3 week’s after she was born!). Looking back I am amazed I persevered and managed to continue breast-feeding. It was only down to having a very supportive husband, midwife and lactation consultant.

    However, I was very fortunate in that my husband was allowed to stay with me at Wellington hospital (this was over 6 year’s ago). How sad that they no longer permit this. I can imagine you must be so relieved to be home.

    Wishing you all the very best. Everyone kept telling me, ‘Everything starts to get better around the six week mark,’ and well, it sort of did.

    BIG HUGS, Sarah x


    Chickie Little

    Lucky that your hubby could stay at the hospital.

    Having hubby at home really helps as we make a good tag team – during the day I feed, he settles/changes. And I get a good 4 hour sleep from about 8 till midnight whil the hubby takes over and feeds expressed milk during that time.

    Then it’s just me from midnight till morning, but at least I have regained the energy by then.

    Looking forward to that 6 week mark!


  2. Oh, she’s so lovely

    Well done you!

    I’m glad you’re all home now. Sure you’ll get your own particular routine down in the next few weeks


  3. Loved the story, thanks for sharing.
    Your little girl is so cute!
    Time goes slow and yet also so fast in the early days – enjoy being a mummy!


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