Abby Update at 2 Weeks


I am soooo tired, both mentally and physically.

I knew it was going to be hard, but didn’t realise how hard. It’s feed, change, settle and repeat every few hours. Sometimes it’s non-stop, especially as Abby is beginning to want more milk and seems to be awake more often too.

It doesn’t help that the husband is back at work so this week I’ve been on my own during the day and sometimes I don’t even get to take a shower. Even my Internets time has been reduced – nooo!

Bed time for me is around 8 o’clock. Daddy takes over till midnight so I can get a block of uninterrupted sleep. Getting up in the middle of the night is still something I’m getting used to. I love my sleep and nothing’s worse than being abruptly woken up from a yummy sleep and having to drag yourself out of bed.

Abby taking a bath

When's that cord going to fall off?

I am now a walking milking machine. Abby is fussy with breast feeding so I express and give it to her in a bottle when she won’t have it any other way. Works for me because I still have caesarian pains so not having to hold her is a bit of a relief. She also feeds for longer from a bottle so that means a longer sleep and more rest for mummy. Unfortunately she feeds more than I have time to express so we have to resort to formula as well. What a little piggy.

Two weeks old

Sleepy after a feed

I’m looking forward to feeling normal again, but that won’t be until she’s about six weeks I’m told. I hope the caesarian woes disappear soon too. Apart from the pain, my guts seem to have a mind of their own and I’ve never burped so much in my life.

At least daddy’s officially on holiday after tomorrow for four weeks. Should be good to have support during the day again – yay!

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11 thoughts on “Abby Update at 2 Weeks

  1. It sounds like you’re coping as well as can be expected, I applaud new mothers – it sounds like the hardest undertaking expsecially in fragile physical and mental states!
    But its all worth it for that sweet little baby girl right?
    Love to read your little updates when your able. And yay for your hubby being on holiday soon – must be such a relief for you.


  2. Nothing can prepare you for just how hard it is. You love them madly but they are so much work and the exhaustion is overwhelming.

    She might be having a 2 week growth spurt, Charlotte would just feed and feed, and while I had heaps of milk, she wouldn’t stay latched, which was particularly distressing at 2am when I just wanted to get the feed overwith and back to bed.

    So great that Neil is taking a chunk of time off over Xmas – that will make a big difference to you.

    Keep going mummy, you are doing a wonderful job and we are all here for you cheering you on:)


  3. Well done you and so glad you’ve got hubbie home soon. It took me a while to recover from a c-section too. It’s so hard in the first few weeks and doesn’t feel like it will ever end, but it really will get easier – bit by bit. Abby is certainly looking well on all your loving and I can’t get over how much hair she has! Wishing you all the best and some naps over Christmas x


  4. Hey there, congratulations! I was in your lovely country and missed the excitement of the birthing posts. You have done a fantastic job – she is quite scrumptious!

    I wish you a night of great sleep :)


  5. It will be so good when he is home. this is so funny reading this after I have just done it all 10 weeks ago! haha. I still feel like a cow with 2 giant udders! you get used to the no sleep thing. I used to try and sleep when the baby sleeps and that is fine for a while, then it turned into a regular afternoon nap and now i don’t need the nap at all. body has just adjusted. People always said that I would come out of the fog around 6 weeks and they are so right – so just hang on in there. its amazing how much easier it seems after that time passes. have fun!


  6. It was nice to talk to you yesturday=) You have a lot of support all around you, so make sure you use it and ask for help as everyone is willing but are not mind readers=)

    I too am enjoying your posts and it will be so lovely to look back on when Abby is older, because you forget it all really fast =(

    Having her on the bottle too is pretty great that you can share the load and get some sleep, it’ll be great having Neil home and you can all bond together as a family=)

    I can’t wait to meet Abby and see you next week, We will set up the spare double bed for more comfort if you guys want to stay here and I’ll be aunty babysitter so you can have more rest too=)

    Stay strong, love you lots



  7. Thanks everyone. I got rather emotional reading all your supportive comments.

    It will be great having hubby home for the next four weeks. Then at least I can have lunch and take showers etc! And I miss the adult company…


  8. Oh my! B, congratulations she is sooo beautiful!!! I’ve been away from Blogger and look at all I’ve missed!

    I know it’s a bit of a (or a huge) transition but I have no doubts you are an amazing mom, wife – lady! I know before you know it you’ll have everything down and doing it will your eyes closed :) Well, except for when you’re watching her cause how could you possibly take your eyes off that lil cutie! I am soo, sooo, soooo happy for you. Sending you lots of hugs, cheers and energy your way.


  9. I don’t think any of us realise how much hard work it’s going to be until we’re there… I’ve heard the stories but I’ll have to wait until it’s my turn. She is so gorgeous, precious photos! I’m glad your boy is on holiday and there to help soon :) x


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