Yay for Green Day

Apart from the ridiculously loud volume level, which is the norm for all concerts, the Green Day concert was everything I hoped it would be.

I missed seeing them back in 1996 but 13 years and a baby later I finally got to experience them live and they were awesome! It was great to hear songs from an array of albums, including some short covers of random songs. They are an entertaining bunch.

Best line of the night: “Get out of here Joseph. You and your biblical name. Tell Jesus I said Hi.” Billie Joe said that to a sweet kid from the audience that volunteered to be his ‘sacrifice’ for one of the songs. I love Billie Joe’s sense of humour.

Unfortunately we didn’t have a decent camera with us so we only got some terrible blurry ones on our cellphones.

It was the first time I’d been to Auckland’s Vector arena. Pretty nice venue but what a rip! Parking was $20. Then they confiscated my water bottle and snacks (I still eat like a pregnant lady), and proceeded to charge me $4.70 for a replacement 300ml bottle of water. Not only that, they wouldn’t allow me to keep the plastic bottle and I had to have it in a paper cup – the most expensive cup of water ever! Also, it’s hard to ‘put your hands up in the air’ with a cup of water in one.

It was a good night out though. We left Abby with my parents for what turned out to be a good six hours. I missed out on my evening nap so was absolutely exhausted by her 2am feed. Lucky the hubby was there to tag team with.

Certainly a night to remember for me. Yay for Green Day.

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