Abby Update Extra

Oh, also forgot to mention in the Abby Update at 6 Weeks some of her developmental milestones.

She’s smiling now (has been for a while actually) and making lots of those cute baby sounds. She even tries to have a conversation with you if you talk to her.

We’ve named some of her more interesting sounds: the Horse – a rolling plurrr sound; the Shopping Trolley – a rusty squeeeeaak; and the croaky Mafia Boss – ehhh, ehh, ehhhhhh!

Her musical mobile has been a great distraction when she’s grizzly and we need to put her down for a little while. She’s also fond of playing on her playmat, often kicking and punching the toys while letting out sounds of enjoyment.

Her eye coordination is still a little off and she ends up a bit cross-eyed when trying to follow things. She can support her neck quite well already – something that she could do from the first day, surprising the pediatrician during her exam at the hospital.

There is however a fine line between play time and over-tired time so Happy Abby can become Crabby Abby pretty quickly! (Unfortunately Abby is one of those names that rhymes with lots of other adjectives like shabby, flabby, scabby, drabby…)

Abby giving a dirty look

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4 thoughts on “Abby Update Extra

  1. Crabby Abby, I love it!
    So cute.

    And yes, I can only imagine what that kind of tired is though I do hear from ALL my girlfriends. I always say(and mean) I’d happily trade places with them. Hoping 2010 I’ll get my baby that’ll keep me up all night/day :)


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