Stuff I Luff

  • Sleep. I’ve mentioned this many times, but like someone said to me “You don’t know tired until you have a baby”.
  • Sleeping Abby. Then I can do normal things like eat and shower.
  • Sunny days. Wellington had some wintery days recently but touch wood that the summer weather has finally arrived and here to stay (for at least the rest of the summer).
  • Remembering to charge my laptop and phone before it’s too late.
  • Green Day. I’m an old school fan from the 90s with all their albums and I still love listening to them.
  • Sandwiches. Love sandwiches.
  • Fez not farting at night. We have him in our room and waking up to a silent-but-violent is not cool!
  • The husband feeding me chocolate ice cream as I blog.
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