Abby Update at 8 Weeks

Oh gosh. I feel so bad because my attempt at breastfeeding today made Abby cry real tears!!

She only started getting tears in her eyes a couple weeks ago but just today they made it out of her eyes – all because she hates feeding from mummy. We even visited a lactation consultant at Plunket to see what help she could offer. I now have a milk drip contraption that you tape to your boob so you can give expressed milk at the same time as breastfeeding to give Abby what she wants straight away. Haven’t tried it yet. The main problem is that Abby gets upset as soon as I try to breasfeed… *sigh*.

So, breastfeeding is still not going well and expressing then bottle feeding is the way she rolls at the moment.

Were off to see The Wizard!

We're off to see The Wizard!

Abby and her cousin Bridget had a little photo shoot yesterday. It’s the thing to do when you’re only a day apart. They were very cute – two little babies with uncontrollable limbs and facial expressions. Bridget noticed Abby was next to her but Abby seemed oblivious to Bridget’s company. Very cute indeed.

Abby is getting more interactive and definitely trying to communicate. The hubby is sure she says a mumbly ‘Hello’ back to him when he greets her.

She’s still a lot of work but I think she may have a routine sorted. Holy moly she even managed to sleep through the night on several days this week! Unfortunately I still have to get up in the middle of the night to express but it’s better than feeding as well. I’m beginning to feel like a normal person again.

And now I know why she’s crying (most of the time) and that she sometimes just wants to be awake and play, it’s not as stressful as it used to be. We may be making progress yet!

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