To be or not to be

OK, so I’ve been pregnant once and that doesn’t make me an expert, but here are some things (apart from the usual morning sickness, swelling, pain etc.) that I think anyone thinking of having a baby might want to know:

  • You will be extremely tired. More tired than when you did an all-nighter out partying, or for us geeks when you stayed up studying for exams… You might be less tired in the second trimester but then you’ll get tired all over again towards the end. You’ll be even more tired when it’s time to have the baby so rest and eat when you can before going to the hospital!!
  • You will miss eating, both in terms of types of food as well as the amount. Pregnant ladies love food but usually it’s less more often rather than lots at one sitting. Going out to dinner isn’t so fun when you can only have half your meal. And you can’t just buy sushi when you want it. Also giving up the drink is another downer (although I admit to taking a couple of ‘tasting sips’ on occasion).
  • You will get bored. This happens once maternity leave wears out its novelty. When you’re really big and really tired there isn’t much you can do for entertainment except maybe watch TV. Even then the Food channel repeats become tiring, especially when you know you can’t be arsed trying any of the recipes.
  • You will get big. Obvious yes, but worth mentioning because simple tasks can became quite difficult – like putting on shoes, shaving legs, moisturising, hanging out washing, even lying yourself down to sleep. Your belly also gets wet washing dishes and hot cooking dinner!
  • You will ache in places you’ve never ached before. This is even before labour begins.

Having said all that, I’ll quote what my wise sister-in-law once said about pregnancy- “You hate it and love it at the same time.”

And look what cuteness comes out of your troubles!

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8 thoughts on “To be or not to be

  1. Add to the list heartburn so bad you can’t lie down and want to vomit. Hip pain that keeps you up all night (worse with second pregnancy sadly).
    Oh – and don’t do the end of pregnancy over summer, much too hot!


    Chickie Little

    Yeah I was gonna list heart burn but thought people would expect that anyway. You’re right that indigestion get really bad when you’re pregnant. The amount of wind I got in my tummy kept me up at night and my burps were epic!


  2. im reading along thinking ‘greeeaat joys ahead. NOT’. and then i see baby abby and i dont care i just want one! shes too cute. im too clucky to care if i dont see my feet for months hehe


    Chickie Little

    Aw you’re sweet.
    They’re a lot of hard work before and after they arrive but she’s at the stage now where it’s actually becoming fun :)


  3. Oh it is all so true!!
    you are a true expert now!
    As all babies are different…so are all pregnancies. With Israel my symptoms were exactly the same as yours…but with number two Tayla, she was easy peasy.She was facing the wrong way and to most this causes herendous back pain, but not for me, I had none and all and was generally comfortable the whole time…well until labour that is!!!

    The joy of motherhood…you will look back and that would have been the easy part!!lol.



  4. Oh CUTE I love the pink she’s wearing too cute cute cuteness!!!

    I see the photo at the bottom and it’s all totally worth it I want one heh one day soon hopefully hehe. To add the list for me would be tattoos stretching I have tattoos on my tummy. I like to think they will go back once I’ve lost weight.


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