Stop right there

I am going to stop breastfeeding.

It might sound selfish but I need to feel like myself again and not like a milk truck all the time.

It’s depressing enough that Abby won’t breastfeed straight from the boob, so to have to spend valuable ‘free’ time expressing into a bottle, on top of the time it takes to feed her the bottle, it’s more than I’d like to deal with for much longer.

Question is – how do I stop?

I’ve been reading online and have tried to skip a feed (or in my case, an expression) so that I only expressed three times a day. I also reduced the time I spent expressing by limiting to 10 minutes each side (but I know I have to reduce this further).

This was fine for the first day but because the last expression of the night still left milk in me, I was so swollen and sore by 4am that I had to wake up just to express. Then, the next day I found myself back to expressing four times a day because I was carrying around extra milk from not emptying them properly each time.

I am guessing that I have to put up with the swelling and pain for a while before my body starts reducing the milk supply.

To those mothers who have stopped breastfeeding – tell me your story and give me some advice!

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9 thoughts on “Stop right there

  1. Keep going with dropping a feed every few days. Express for relief to the very minimum. Go to the chemist and get some milk flow stopping stuff – often the natural brands do it. Also lots of hot showers with massage. I went cold turkey and it hurt like hell, but only for a few days. Also helps to have lots of breast pads and I had to sleep with towels in my bra.

    You have done an excellent job and set Abby up for an excellent start – well done, not many would have kept going as long as you with expressing:)


  2. Plunket told me to drop a feed every week but i actually did it a bit slower and dropped a feed every 2 weeks. Should keep the morning feed until last, as this is when they get the best feed of the day apparently.

    I dropped the 3pm feed first. If you get too full, express just enough so you are comfortable again.


  3. You have done so incredibly well, what with having to express all her feeds. I really feel for you and admire you for doing it for so long.

    Sorry I can’t offer much advice as my daughters self-weaned at the age of 2 (D1) and 3 (D2) years, when they were only having one little feed a day, or every other day, so my milk supply gradually diminished. Just in the early days with D3 – at 2 week’s old! Hate having to wear a bra and pads to bed!


    Chickie Little

    Wearing bras to bed is so annoying! They only seem to serve the purpose of keeping the breast pads in place.
    And it’s hard trying to sleep on your side or tummy with big hard boobs :[


  4. Thanks guys for your advice.

    I am feeling pretty guilty at the moment for not wanting to give her breast milk anymore. I still want to express a full feed each time but I know that’s not going to help. At least she’ll get breast milk each day for a while yet, until my milk stops. At least I know she doesn’t mind formula.


  5. Just wanted to offer my support too. You’ve done a great job, and there (should be) no shame in wanting to stop. The pain really sucks but battle through it and it will get better. I was not recommended to take anything to dry up my milk, as it would do it naturally anyway. Just alot of cold compresses, and no touching!


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