Abby Update at 14 Weeks

Stop the press – Abby can now settle herself to sleep!

We’ve been practising for the last few days, having to come in and settle her, and taking up to 45 minutes to get her to sleep without holding her. Today she has managed to sleep each time without having to be comforted. It’s taken her about 15 minutes the first couple times, and the last two naps took only five minutes before she fell asleep! It’s still early days as she will cry as soon as you put her down, but things are looking good. She’s getting heavy so the less we have to settle her in our arms, the better!

Also, we are finally settled into a routine. Abby goes to bed around 10:30pm, and wakes up around 7 in the morning (sometimes 8 or later if she’s extra tired). She feeds every four hours, four times a day, and a top up before bed if need be. Her daytime naps are still inconsistent where she might sleep for 3 hours, or it might be for only half an hour, but she definitely needs to nap in between feeds or she becomes Crabby Abby again.

Cry no evil,

Tasty teether

Abby is very interested in things around her, and her little hands are always searching for things to grab, including my hair. She’s at the stage now where she may start teething so we have bought her some teething toys to knock out two birds with one stone – keeps her hands and her mouth busy.

My Battle of the Boobs is going well also. I’m trying to express only three times a day (every eight hours) and only doing 5 or 6 minutes each side. I think my body is starting to get the message and milk production seems to be slowing down a little. It sucks that we are going to have to buy a can of formula each week once she’s comletely off breast milk – that’s almost $20 a week more than we had to spend up to now. Still, I am going to be much happier and I’ll be able spend more time enjoying Abby. Can’t wait to get back some of my freedom (sleeping in any position I want is one of those things as hard heavy boobs means I only sleep on my back these days).

Our first PIN (Parents in the Neighbourhood) group is next Thursday. Should be good to meet up with some other parents and have adult conversations! Abby is going to be an angel for mummy… lol!!

Cute couch potato

Cute couch potato

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7 thoughts on “Abby Update at 14 Weeks

  1. Gosh darn it, she’s so stinking cute!!! I love that you are getting some rest now. WOOHOO!!! So 10:30 are you wiped and fall straight asleep? Or are you spending alone time with the hubs? LOL, either way is good in my mind :)


    Chickie Little

    Alone time with the hubby is proportional to the amount of residual energy.


  2. wow! she just has so much hair! JEALOUS! glad it is all going well for you now, so much better to feel in control finally hey? don’t feel bad about the boobs/formula thing, go with your gut and forget the negative i-hate-formula-police. :-) there seems to be alot of people on that band wagon!


    Chickie Little

    Her hair is a nightmare most days! It’s so long and bouffy it gets in your mouth when you’re holding her. Ice cream in bubba’s hair and hair in mummy’s mouth isn’t so fun!

    Yeah it’s so good to have control finally. Less stress and I’m happier because I’ve got more energy and I have time for other things too.


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