Stuff I Luff

  • Abby settling herself to sleep. No more carrying her around to get her to sleep!
  • Having eight hours of uninterrupted sleep again.
  • Smoked fish. Particularly good in a green salad with blanched green beans and a simple herby sour cream and lemon dressing.
  • Ice cream in a cone for a simple dessert. I’m loving vanilla ice cream at the moment.
  • Forgetting to hang out the washing then hearing the neighbours curse as their washing gets wet in the rain – mwahahaha!
  • Market Kitchen. That show has so many scrumptious and really do-able recipes. Just tried their Pan-fried Chicken Livers with Pears and it was yum. I’m going to try and turn that into a pâté. (And doesn’t Tom Parker Bowles look just like his mother Camilla?? He just needs a wig, lipstick and a few decades on him and he too could be bedding Charles – *shiver*)
Is it Tom, or Camilla? I dunno!

Is it Tom, or Camilla? I dunno!

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