Abby Update at 16 Weeks

In one week Abby will be four months old and she will have the pleasure, or displeasure, of tasting her first solids.

Abby playing with her spoon

Abby playing with her spoon

I’ve been preparing her by feeding her water from a spoon. She really loves the spoon, opening wide when she sees it coming, and sometimes she clamps her gums down on it – glad that’s not my nipple!

Speaking of which, my milk supply has slowed down a lot and it’s been three days since I last had to express. In no time I’m going to feel normal again and I’ll be able to sleep on my side and tummy and have general boob freedom.

Cute as a pixie in a cardi

Cute as a pixie in a cardi

Abby is growing fast. At her Plunket visit last week she was 65 cm long and weighed 7 kg. Clothes that once looked so ginormous fit her perfectly. That reminds me that I have to look through her “big” clothes and find things that she could be wearing now before it’s too late!

We had our first PIN (Parents In the Neighbourhood) meeting yesterday where Abby got to meet lots of other babies. Unfortunately the meeting was at 10am and right when Abby was supposed to have her nap, so she got very tired and grumpy halfway through. We’re having another get together next Monday at 2:30pm, from what I could hear through her crying.

Abby is the youngest of the group but certainly not the smallest. It’s interesting meeting babies of similar age because you don’t really know how “good” a size yours is until there’s someone to compare her with. She really is a bit of a chub chub.

She still hasn’t found her feet but she’s starting to roll. She can turn onto her side and stay there quite happily. Tummy time is still not her favourite activity though so it’ll be interesting once she can flip right over by herself.

Lately she’s woken up in the mornings lying sideways across her crib with her little head squished up against the side rails. It might be time to try those safety sleep things.

She’s been a bit random too, only wanting half her feed and the other half an hour or so later, and only having short day time naps (unless she sleeps in your arms of course). That all seems to make her very grumpy and it becomes almost impossible to feed her at times. I’m going to put that down to another growth spurt and be optimistic it’ll pass.

However, getting her to sleep at night has been unbelievably easy (probably because she’s so tired from not napping properly in the day). After her night feed and change, we wait until she looks tired before putting her into bed. Several minutes later she’s fast asleep – with no crying! If only everything else was that easy.

Abby and Aunty Kim

Abby and Aunty Kim

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