Stuff I Luff

  • The hubby baking me cakes. Oh yes, he’s a good man.
  • Abby’s Jolly Jumper – so useful and Abby loves it.
  • Fries with chicken salt – mMmMm chicken salt…
  • The good weather holding up. I don’t want to believe that summer is over :(
  • Frozen meals ready for reheating on days where you just can’t be bothered with anything else.
  • Antihistamines – wonderful stuff that makes me feel less shit. Even better when your new three month supply doesn’t expire in one month (cheeky pharmacy!)
  • Having the time to craft. I’ve been busy with lots of new cupcake paintings lately and a give away will be in order to celebrate that. Watch this space!
  • Making baby food. It’s so satisfying to know you’re saving lots of money by cooking up your own fruit and vege (although Abby’s yet to try vegies but that’s next). I don’t love it so much when the Internet distracts me a little too long (20 minutes too long) and my pears burn…
Baby food fail

Baby food fail

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2 thoughts on “Stuff I Luff

  1. I used to spend a whole afternoon making up meals for Charlotte and putting them in little containers to freeze, was fantastic for busy nights after work and I go to try lots of foods and she is now a fantastic eater!


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