Cupcake Giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed.
Congratulations Leonie on winning!

As much as I’d love to share my freshly baked cupcakes with everyone, sending them in the post isn’t going to happen (they’ll get probably get eaten on the way to the post office anyway).

The good news is I’m giving away one of my cupcake paintings to celebrate the release of the first paintings for this year.

To enter, browse my cupcake paintings then leave a comment here about which painting(s) you love (and why would be useful to me). You can even include any sold or reserved paintings as I can recreate them if the winner chooses. If you win, you can choose any painting from my shop as there may be new ones yet to come :)

For an extra two entries, mention this give away or the Eggshell Green shop ( on your blog and include the link to your post when submitting your comment.

Lady Red

Lady Red

  • Competition is open to everyone!
  • Entries must be made via a comment on this post.
  • Entries close on Monday 19 April 2010. The date of your comment will be indicated when it is posted, and all valid entries dated before and on the closing date will be accepted.
  • Entries must include which painting(s) you love.
  • Only one entry per person, unless you qualify for the extra two (meaning you get three entries total).
  • Winner will be contacted by email so please ensure you enter a valid email address.
  • Winner can choose any cupcake painting that is available on the shop.
  • Winner chosen at random and announced on Tuesday 20 April 2010.
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12 thoughts on “Cupcake Giveaway!

  1. oh oh oh! entering now! and mentioned your etsy shop on my latest blog post too:

    i its so hard to choose a favourite! have a pink kitchen with all pink applicances and tons of little cupcakes on the shelves so i guess i’ll choose one that would suit the pastel colour scheme. i choose Bella Amore

    Also, Bella is my doggie who lives in Melbourne and i certainly do love her lots and lots!



  2. I absolutely love your new sprinkles cupcake. Its so little and cute. It makes me want to decorate me whole kitchen in cupcakes…..oh wait i am doing that!!! I love your paintings and cant wait to add a few to my kitchen!


  3. Ohhh!! I just love cupcakes and your canvases are gorgeous!
    We have been collecting ‘cupcake’ themed items for my daughters birthday in July.. of course the girls will bake and decorate cupcakes and I am making them a cupcake apron each to take home.
    If I won a canvas I love the ‘Cherry baby’… perfect for my daughters room.
    Ive mention your shop and giveaway on my latest blog post


  4. oh I love the Pippa – Bejewelled one although if I won it wouldn’t be for me. It would go to my cousin’s little girl – they lost everything in a house fire on Easter Sunday. Thankfully nobody was home at the time. I will be sure to mention you in a post tomorrow :)


  5. Ooo hard to choose a favourite.. I choose lady in red though. I love the red against the pink background and I like the sparkly detail. You’re very clever. Very CUTE

    *licks lips*


  6. I love all of your paintings, because I LOVE cupcakes. I was trying to pick which I loved the most, until today, when you listed *the* perfect cupcake.

    Bo Peep! Pink background, my favourite shade of blue as frosting, pearls, and a pink polka dot bow! I die. If I don’t win I am definitely buying her.


  7. They are so great!!
    I have had the likes from the family too=)
    I like them all,

    I really like Sprinkles! Its so pretty and textured.

    Tayla likes Bella Amore (thats where her finger landed=)

    Israel likes Lady Red (because it looks so real and yummy)

    Derek likes Lady Red(it stuck out the most)


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