Abby Update at 19 Weeks

Yes, 19 weeks! And boy is she growing! I have some things that I’ve been itching to dress her in but haven’t had the occasion for it. Looks like she’s going to be in her Sunday best, at the supermarket… lol.

I think Abby is teething, or at least about to. She’s been a lot dribblier and often has rosy cheeks (sometimes only one at a time), and she’s gnawing at everything she can get her hands on, including her hands. She’s also been fussy with food, both milk and solids. She still has her good moments where she’ll scoff everything without hardly stopping.

Gimme more

Ooh, ahhh, ha!

Abby is starting to entertain herself more. She doesn’t cry when she wakes up from her nap much anymore. Often she’s just lying there staring at her mobile and eating her hands. And we can put her down on the floor and she’ll be happy playing with her toys and trying to turn over. She also seems to like blowing raspberries with a mouthful of food then laugh about it! Not so funny Abby.

Now that she’s nommed on several different fruits, her poos are really getting interesting. I’m not looking forward to when meat is part of her diet!

Daylight savings is a real bitch isn’t it!? The Little Miss got all confused and started waking up before six. We had to keep her up as long as we could to get back to her usual routine.

Anyway, here’s Abby and Bridget having a kung fu fight. Looks a bit brutal but it really wasn’t :)

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