Stuff I Luff

  • Give aways! There are some good ones out there like the Spring Giveaway on Indy Grrl. (And don’t forget about my Cupcake Give Away – you have until next Monday.)
  • Chinese roast pork. Homemade is pretty good but I never seem to get the crackling as good as store bought. Will try a different method next time and see how it goes.
  • Making trifle out of left-over cupcakes – oh yeah! Left-over cupcakes!? Yeah, I made a double batch to use up some cream and froze them as I couldn’t eat that many all by myself. Well I could. But that would be gross.
  • Sunny days when you can get some overdue washing done. I am such a mum.
  • Crafting. I made Abby some little hair clips the other week. Easy(ish) and cute! The glue gun part was tricky…
  • The magic of plant food. The hydrangea cuttings that I’ve had for a year suddenly shot into flower after the husband fed it. Who would’ve thought! :)
I made it for you

Look what mummy made

Abby modelling her hair clip

Abby modelling the hair clip

Flowering hydrangea cuttings

Flowering hydrangea cuttings



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