Abby Update at 20 Weeks

Today, my little baby rolled over! She was on her back one moment and the next she was on her tummy! Unfortunately, the evil Interwebs once again distracted me just a little too much and I missed the actual rolling over bit.

Pretty pleased with herself I think

Looking pretty pleased about rolling over

She really is growing up. She can hold her tippy cup and drink from it by herself, although she also likes to play with it and always ends up with a soaked top. Once she was flinging it about and donked herself hard on the head. It took her a few seconds to register the feeling called pain. I’ve only ever heard her cry like that when she got her shots.

We thought we had discovered Abby’s first tooth last week. However it ended up being a calcium deposit, or something to that tune, because it has disappeared! It did look and feel like a hard sharp tip of a tooth, but nope. Or maybe it went back in…?

Abby has developed a new sound. She likes to make shrill “EeEEEeeEe”  sounds, mainly when she is tired or hungry. She also seems to talk to herself a lot when she’s playing which is super cute.

I still need to print some nice photos of her so we can frame them. We put a nakie Abby on our bed the other day in an effort to take some good photos. I managed some very nice ones, and Abby managed to wee on the bed.


Like an angel, that wees on your bed

Life is so much sweeter now that she has a couple of good two-hour naps in the day. I’m suddenly finding myself with some more time to blog and craft, and do housework (boo). I hope her good napping continues as I may be busy soon with some custom paintings. (Have you entered the Cupcake Giveaway yet? Today’s the last day to enter!)

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6 thoughts on “Abby Update at 20 Weeks

  1. Clever abby – so cute!
    Charlotte started having good 2 hour naps during the day and it didn’t stop until she was ready to go down to 1 nap, so you should be fine, isn’t it wonderful, you get time to yourself and you look forward to getting up bub up to play!

    Give her a hug for us.


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