Cupcake Giveaway Winner

With help from my lovely assistant Abby, the Cupcake Giveaway winner has been selected:


Oooh what are these…?


Now to get my chubby fingers around one


Gotcha (so glad she only grabbed one)

The winner is revealed

And the winner is…

The winner is Leonie!


Congratulations Leonie! I will be in contact with you shortly to get your prize sorted.

Thank you everyone for entering. I plan on having more give aways, so stayed tuned – you may win next time!

By the way, that gross yellow stain on Abby’s sleeve – it’s carrot/parsnip/kumara from her lunch today. She likes to eat her fists in between spoonfuls.

Pink cupcake painting by Eggshellgreen

Leonie’s chosen painting

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