Stuff I Luff

  • Giveaways! Everyone loves giveaways. There’s a choice package to be won from Reclaiming Me at the moment.
  • Fast internet. It’s one of those things that you don’t care about until you’ve gone over your cap…
  • Weekends. Ok, so I’m not working at the moment but the weekend means daddy is home and we can enjoy the day together as a family.
  • Public holidays, but too bad we don’t get Anzac Day off this year. I’m so peeved off when they fall on a weekend like that. Or when they coincide with another public holiday… unacceptable!
  • This long stretched out ‘end of summer’ weather. I don’t want the good weather to end.
  • Homegrown vegies. We failed at gardening this summer (again), only managing some tomatoes, but yummy tomatoes they are.
Homegrown tomatoes

Homegrown tomatoes

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