Do you love unicorns?

UPDATE: Threadless didn’t print the shirt, but you can get one from my Eggshell Green shop on cafepress.

Then help me get my second shirt design Rainbow Shuffle printed on Threadless, and you could be wearing one!

I also want to say thaks to those who voted for my last design Three Bears (and one on the side).

Score my Rainbow Shuffle design

Just go to my design and vote “I’d buy it as a tee” with a score, and help me make this happen. Adding a good comment also helps (you can hit the “Back” button if you vote before commenting). If you’re not already a Threadless member, just sign up, quick smart. It’s easy and there’s no obligations.

Score this design: “Rainbow Shuffle,” to help it get printed on Threadless! (UPDATE: Only the critique discussion and submission discussion pages are¬†available now, as the critique/submission pages had to be taken down before I could have it for sale on cafepress)

Scoring ends Friday 21 May 2010 (actually it goes until about 4am Saturday 22 May 2010).

Spread the word, and thanks in advance guys!

The original Rainbow Shuffle unicorn shirt design

The original Rainbow Shuffle design © Benhi Dixon 2010

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