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After five days, our telco finally fixed the problem with our phone and Internet, hurray.

Apparently the bad weather had caused some major problems with our area and our phone line died on Saturday; but that wasn’t so bad because we still had Internet. Then on Monday a service guy did some tinkering outside, and for some reason we lost Internet too (hmmmmm).

What’s worse than no Internet? Dealing with the call centre – on hold… Home Calling: “You have no dial tone, and now no Internet? I’ll pass you to Broadband” on hold… Broadband: “You have no dial tone at all? I’ll pass you to Home Calling”… We were told it was going to be fixed in a day, but that ETA changed several times, and then we were supposed to be contacted as soon as things were back online but that didn’t happen either *sigh*.

The Internet is definitely one of those things you take for granted. Luckily (or unluckily as it may be) I have a thriving baby who keeps me busy for all but about four hours a day, so I wasn’t suffering as much withdrawal as I might have been. I don’t seem to have the time to be bored these days!

But I’m still glad I can be my online self again.

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2 thoughts on “Back to virtual reality

  1. Our neighbours have just sold, and a professional landlord has bought the place. First thing he does on taking ownership is start taking out trees – oh, and our phone line. Not realising he’d knocked it out, I called Telecom on Saturday, who said the earliest someone could come out was next Wednesday. (It being a public holiday on Monday, everyone is very busy). Later that day our neighbour climbed up the pole and re-attached the wire, so I called Telecom to tell them we had dial tone again. They did a check on the line, and apparently we still have a fault, so he’ll organise someone to have a look and see if he can clean that up. Tomorrow.
    To summarise:
    – No dial tone, no internet = 5 day wait.
    – full service, but ‘you might experience some static’ = emergency someone’ll be out tomorrow.


    Chickie Little

    That’s ridiculous! Was it the same person you spoke to both times? Sometimes it depends on the CS person I reckon and what mood they’re in…


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