Abby Update at 28 Weeks

Actually Abby is 29 weeks tomorrow because I’d been too busy to post this earlier :)

29 weeks – that’s 6 and a half months old – that’s more than half a year!

She now can sit quite well, as long as she’s not trying to do anything… otherwise she starts a slow descent into a face plant, so you have to always be there just in case.

Abby sitting/falling over

Abby sitting/falling over

She’s also good at standing, with some help to balance. We put her in her walker and she chooses to stand most of the time in it.

Abby will need her first hair cut soon – another person’s hair I’ll be cutting forever… well until she’s old enough to pay for her own haircuts I suppose (and by then she’ll probably want a fancy style cut). The other week I tied her hair in pigtails just because I could.



Ok, so they’re a bit crooked but you try tying pigtails on a 6 month old who won’t sit still.

Abby loves to play, both with her toys and with other people. She’s a very grabby baby, always reaching out and trying to grab things whether it’s a toy, the dog, or other babies unfortunately. (And what’s with always going for the face?)

I love my toys, especially my block. Have you seen my block?

I love my toys, especially my blocks. See my block?

Oh, her first tooth finally came through today! We’ll have to start brushing her teeth (tooth) from now –*sigh*.

She also babbles a lot, mostly “da-da” sounds but no “ma-ma” yet.

Abby plays aeroplane with dad


And I still need to enrol her in a daycare, yikes! Everyone keeps telling me about the long waiting lists and I know I should’ve looked into this months ago but that’s me, the procrastinator. Reminds me I still need to finish off some work I’m doing for my “old” work – hmmm, I can never phrase that right. It’s work I’m doing for the company that I’m currently taking maternity leave from… does that make sense? Anyway, I’ll need to finish it tonight so I can go in and test things before Friday. Fun times with MS Word and VBA.

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