Blog, nap, or bake?

These have been my leisure time choices as of late (isn’t that lucky of me?)

Obviously I haven’t chosen the “blog” option because I’ve not posted in nearly two weeks – yikes. I’m at the “just need some photos” stage and haven’t been bothered with trawling through my mass of photos to edit some yet. Also, I’ve been sick and my head hurt too much to think.

Taking that into account, the “nap” option has taken precedence since the weekend, where I came down with a cold and a horrible tummy bug. Abby’s been kind enough to give me some two hour naps in the last couple of days, and lucky Fez got to join me on the bed for some comfy snoozing. It’s tiring being sick and looking after a baby.

The “bake” option was favoured last week, before I got sick. I’ve been commissioned to make birthday cakes for two lovely littlies – one being a castle cake, and the other I shall tell you about at a later stage… I’ve been busy experimenting with different cake recipes, and trying to find a perfect recipe for making a Swiss roll type cake (for the castle towers). The castle cake isn’t needed until next weekend so I have a week to get better and stop coughing over things so I can do some real baking again.

And this is another post that won’t have any photos. I should’ve taken some of the cakes I’ve baked but didn’t think of that before we ate them. That always seems to be the way with me and food.

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