Abby Update at 32 Weeks

Abby is now seven months old! Wow, has time flown. I’m due back at work in three months – eek!!

At 30 weeks

  • Went on her first plane trip to Auckland. Not so fun when she got tired and had her usual bedtime cry!
  • Moves around in her walker in all directions. She only used to be able to roll backwards but she’s all go now.
  • Moving onto lumpier solids – gradually.
  • Sits up well and can rebalance herself most of the time.
  • Can hold her water bottle by the handles and drink by herself in short bursts. She likes to chew on the teat and fling the bottle around though.
  • Plays in the bath.
  • Shakes her toys.
  • Plays with Fez.
Abbys first plane ride

Abby's first plane ride

Mmmm tasty dog-chewed rag...

Mmmm tasty dog-chewed rag...

At 31 weeks

  • Caught a cold – boo.
  • Likes dropping things to watch them fall.
  • Bangs her toys to make noise.
  • Can “give you five”, but only down low.
  • Noms on rusks.
  • Sits and happily plays with the toys in her toy box. Still needs cushions around her because she likes to jerk backwards without warning and she has a flat-enough head as it is.
  • “Chews” food with her gums.
  • Has breakfast and lunch with mum at the table. Her dinner is earlier than ours though so she ends up watching us gobble our food while she has to make do with a rusk.
  • First tooth requires brushing. Ridiculous task – how do you make a baby spit out toothpaste? She just eats it. I put water on the brush, lean Abby over the sink and hope gravity does most of the work.

It's all smiles with her rusk

Cute in her slippers

Bouncing in her slippers

At 32 weeks

  • Over the worst of her cold, and just needs to blow her nose if only she knew how…
  • Might be teething again as the red cheeks have reappeared.
  • Has outgrown her 3-6 month clothes and mummy is sad to be putting them away.
  • Zooms around in her walker – mind the Fez! (Sorry about the cellphone quality of the video.)

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4 thoughts on “Abby Update at 32 Weeks

  1. She’s growing so fast!it’s ridiculous. Her and fez playing is too cute


    Chickie Little

    I know! She’s not going to be my little bub for much longer :O
    She loves Fez – always trying to grab whatever part of him she can reach. He’s good but I have to be careful she doesn’t surprise or hurt him as he might snap (though I don’t think he will but just in case).


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