Mmm, cake

I’ve been up to my eyes in cake this last week!

First was an entry into the Threadcakes competition. I’ve been wanting to make this baby Godzilla dinosaur cake, based on a Threadless shirt design, for a while and finally found the motivation (and time) to do it.

Cute and delicious godzilla dinosaur monster cake

Cute and delicious

I baked a couple of test cakes and found a delicious madeira recipe (which I tweaked to make it an orange madeira cake) that was perfect – delicious, moist and something I could carve into. It was a lot of work, but I think I did well for my first sculpted cake. More details and photos can be found on my Threadcakes entry.

The other cake was for a friend’s grandaughter’s third birthday party. The wee girl wanted a yellow castle cake and I decided to add Rapunzel into the mix.


Yellow castle cake


Waiting for her prince

The main cake was a dense banana cake (I think I’ll use another recipe next time), and the skinny tower was a chocolate roll. Both are filled with a delicious butter cream. The skinny tower gave me troubles as it started leaning and sagging a bit – oh dear. The top tower was also a challenge to cover.

Just a bit of practice to better my cake decorating skills. I have lots to learn still!

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7 thoughts on “Mmm, cake

  1. You are SO talented! I started baking very late on and had to actually get over a fear of baking – as the only time I’d baked as a child was in some awful Home Economics class at school! My mother didn’t bake and barely let me stir the soup, so I was pretty hopeless in the kitchen by the time I left home! I really don’t want my children to have the same fears, so I do bake with them – but on a very basic level!

    Just wondering if you make cakes to order, as with 3 girls now in my life, that’s 3 cakes a year! I’d pay well for a cake like the ones you make; they are incredible!


    Chickie Little

    Well they’re my first two properly decorated cakes, so I’m doing ok!

    Yeah, I’d love more reasons to make pretty cakes :)


  2. What a lovely story-and cakes. I never knew Facebook could be such fun! You are very artistic in many ways, Benhi.
    We’re off to Samoa today!! For a week of warmth
    and tropics.


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