Abby Update at 36 Weeks

Spent a busy but nice afternoon out with my cousin and her newborn Olivia last Friday. It was such a nice day and Abby was extremely well behaved. At one stage Olivia started crying and Abby watched her like she was thinking “What’s up with that!?”

Someones crying and its not me

Someone's crying and it's not me!

I really do enjoy being out with her just after her lunch – it’s the couple of hours when she’s just laid back, awake and not grumpy. It’s great how you can distract a  baby with food too. As Abby was approaching the ‘so-tired-I-might-cry-now’ stage, she was lucky enough to have roast potatoes when the mums finally got their lunch at the rebuilt Maranui Cafe in Lyall Bay.

Second cousins

Second cousins

Abby’s been getting lots more finger food lately. Toast with a smidgen of marge and vegemite seems to be a favourite, or a luncheon/cheese club sandwich also goes down well. I’m not quite sure how much to give her at meals now that she’s having finger food too. She has about 4-5 tablespoons of mashed food, and then I let her munch on some finger food like toast, broccoli or egg, and then a piece of fruit, for example. Often she’ll also get a rusk to chew on afterwards. She has about half a cup’s worth in total. I think it’s enough – for now. I’ll be increasing the amount of her meals gradually as she’s supposed to be getting most of her nutrients from solids at this age. Also, I’m cutting down from 4 to 3 bottles a day as one is being replaced with an afternoon tea snack.

Waars me parrot then?

Waar's me parrot then?

Her second tooth has just cut through. Hooray – we can now say “it’s time to brush your teeth” instead of “tooth” :D Brushing is still a joke though. I hope she’ll learn that licking the toothbrush is not what she’s supposed to do or we’ll have some problems later on.

Abby loves her baths these days. She knows what’s coming when the tub is being filled and can’t wait to get in and play. She even has a little cry when you take her out!

She naps twice a day now – usually one shorter nap (less than an hour) and one longer nap (2 hours). We try and get her to bed around 7:30-8pm, and she usually has around 10-11 hours sleep a night. It’s awesome!

Abby is oblivious to the rag that Fez wants her to throw

If you throw it, I will fetch it

Fez has realised that Abby is a human being who can play with him – and she will at some stage. He often throws his toy her way (and sometime drops it on her) and waits for her to play fetch with him. She of course grabs and commences to shove it into her mouth only for her fun to be ruined by mummy.

My babies playing with their toys

My babies playing with their toys

Oh, and I’ve started looking into daycares for October. I know I’ve left it really late, but there’s a couple with vacancies for Abby at Greta Point in Lyall Bay. Just need to visit them and sign her up. I’m still in denial about returning to work though…

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3 thoughts on “Abby Update at 36 Weeks

  1. Abby is very cute and she has grown and have you both looked. Seem like her toy is very well guard her. The pictures are very nice. Enjoy her while she still young. My Amanda is 16 years and she doesn’t really want to be around us much like Melissa. Melissa is 7 years old today. Her birthday is August 6th. Anyways, nice pictures and keep update with new one. Always enjoy looking at them and see the progress of the baby.. Love your cousin Peter…


    Chickie Little

    They grow so fast don’t they! I remember not wanting my parents around me in public when I was a teenager too… seems to be the way eh.


  2. So lovely, she is such a good little girl! Lucas loves to eat and I think he would keep going until he pops, so I have to restrict the amount of food!


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