Abby Update at 9 Months

Well, I’ve been preoccupied with my parents here, making cake, been and still am sick, and trying to look after a very snotty chesty Abby (and a husband struck down with food poisoning over the weekend but he’s good now) so haven’t had much time to update this blog.

I’ve been trying to post this Abby update for the last couple of weeks, so I’m going to bullet-point some things because there’s so much to say!

  • Can wave “bye”. This works most of the time on demand.
  • Starting to share her food. Usually this is by way of thrusting a fistful of food in your direction and waiting for you to respond.
  • Smacks her lips and kicks in excitement when there’s food on offer.
  • Calls out to other babies, and Fez. When I say “call”, it’s usually “shout”.
  • No longer using her SafeT Sleep and often ends up at one end, and wakes up with bar marks on her forehead…
  • Has had a taste of a Big Mac pattie but wasn’t so impressed.
  • Has three teeth now – she just cut a top tooth and its partner is on the way. Still protests teeth-brushing.
  • Says “Ta” when you give her something (you have to remind her though). Then she repeats it while she’s eating – “Ta ta ta ta ta”.


Attack of the babies

Attack of the babies

Abby and Baxter

Abby and Baxter having lunch

I strolled around Lyall Bay last week with Harriet and Baxter from our PIN group. Abby wore her snow suit (another awesome hand-me-down) and looked like one of those Eskimo lollies you get in Pascalls Party Packs. (If you want to read more about the controversy surrounding Eskimo lollies, there’s another article Imagining a world without eskimo lollies – it isn’t hard to do. And how about Eskimo Pies? Funny how the recent New Zealand Eskimo lollie controversy made it to Wikipedia yet Eskimo Pies have been around since the 1920s!)

Pink and marshmallowy

Pink and marshmallowy

Anyway, back to Abby. Here she is looking like a pink Eskimo lolly again, ready for another nippy stroll with the whole family, even Fez this time.


Abby ready for a Wellington stroll

Oh, I forgot to mention how I took both Abby and Fez for a walk one day, by myself. It really hurts your hand pushing a stroller and trying to control an excited pup at the same time! I’m looking forward to more sunny walks, as soon as we both get over this damn cold.

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