Abby Update at 9.5 Months

What a busy-body that Abby is! You really can’t take your eyes off her for more than a couple of minutes before she’s in the dog food or chewing paper. The other day I went to take care of her poopy nappy and unbeknownst to me I had dropped a bit of ‘mash’ on the floor. I came back to find Abby had crawled over and found it and was giving it a taste! Ewwwwww!


My pigtails, they are crooked yes.

She now has four teeth and another two about to erupt. Finally she can bite things properly.

She has learnt a new trick . We ask “What does a fish do?” and she moves her mouth and makes bubble sounds.

We went to Palmerston North last weekend for a catchup with the hubby’s side of the family. The hubby had his first Father’s Day on Sunday, enjoyed with some baked goodies for breakfast (which he organised because it was also Father’s Day for his dad), seeing the family, and then some delicious pizza for dinner. (The area suffered a lot of flooding on Sunday night and Monday, and we were lucky to make it out before too many road slips and surface flooding blocked us in. We passed a lot of fields that had turned into giant brown puddles on the way home.)

Abby enjoying some Fathers Day pizza with dad and Pop

Abby enjoying some Father's Day pizza with dad and Pop

Abby still cries sometimes when a new person takes a hold or her, but it only lasts for a minute or so before she’s happy again and trying to grab their face or pick their nose. She’s quite a ‘pokey’ baby – her index finger is always extended and ready to explore (note the finger in the above photo). She got a bit too close for comfort to Fez’s bottom once.

Pokie finger

Pokey finger at it again

I’m so glad Spring is here! It’s nice being able to go out in the sunshine and onto a dry deck. And that means Abby gets to explore the outdoors a bit too. Bring on Summer!

See my hat

See my hat, see my hat, makes my head look really fat

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