A Tad(pole) Strange

Let me tell you about a dream I had last night.

I haven’t done a dream post for a while, because I forget about writing the post and then I forget about the dream (or the other way around).

Now that the weather is heating up, my dreams are beginning to get weirder (there are linkages between temperature and bad/strange dreams). And the weirder they get, the more vivid they are and I remember them better.

Last night I had a very weird dream…

My mum had saved some goldfish that my brother was going to throw away. They were swimming in about 4cm of water in a glass mixing bowl. The weird thing was that there were two Abby “fish” in the bowl. They were just very tiny versions of Abby, even in pyjamas, but they were fish, somehow. I was shocked to see them in there and told my dad we had to get them out because they’d be freezing cold in that water. So I scooped them up in my hands, and that’s when they grew tadpole tails. I put them back in disgust (slimy tadpoleness) and decided to make the bowl more friendly. I did this by putting more water in there, some plants, and a platform made of rocks so that my little “tadpoles” could climb out of the water if they wanted to dry off.

Furthermore, there were leeches in the water – not just normal leeches, but ones that could jump out of the bowl. One bit my hand, and another lept out and about the kitchen. That sent me and my mum in a frenzy, trying to get it. I tried to swat it with a chopstick, and failed several times. It soon landed in the sink, tired, and I cut it up with the end of some tongs.

Analysis anyone?



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