Abby Update at 10 Months

Abby has learnt to press play on her music box that’s attached to her cot. She will play it and fall asleep (eventually), and will press play again when she wakes up. It’s good to keep her occupied for that little bit longer in the mornings! Having said that, it’s sometimes a distraction and she stays awake a lot longer than she should.

Abby needs to share her toys. It’s a case of “I want it because someone else is playing with it”. Poor Bridget was constantly left without a toy the other weekend, as Abby kept grabbing them off her.

Abby is getting much better at pulling herself up onto things. She gets on her hands and knees before hoisting herself up. However she is still crawling commando style – maybe she’ll just move onto walking next!

I gots me a bucket

I gots me a bucket

Poor Abby hasn’t been so healthy these last few months. She’s had three colds, the last one came with a fever and a viral rash which we weren’t sure about so took her to the A&E. After two hours and $20, we were told she only needed Pamol and TLC, *sigh*. And now, she has chicken pox again!! This is the second time. The first was when she was three weeks old. The doctor said because she got it so young the first time, she wouldn’t have had full immunity against it, so here we go again. It’s another mild case, thankfully, and she’s not at all bothered by it. Let’s hope this is the last time ever.

She has five teeth now: three on the bottom and two on top. The new bottom tooth appeared quite suddenly, beating the two new top teeth that have yet to erupt (we’ve been waiting a little while for them already). They will surely come next, surely…


Having spaghetti

Abby prefers to feed herself now. She’s learnt how to use a spoon and fork to get food into her mouth, but still needs help getting the food onto the utensil. Eating with her hands is still the best way if you ask her (and if she could answer).

On her list of tricks, she can answer to “What does a fish do” as well as “What does a cow do”. She goes “bip bip bip” with her lips for the fish, and her cow sound is “mmMMmmMM”. It’s very cool. She also learnt to make a kiss sound, but that’s now turned into a clucking with her tongue… She’s beginning to copy us – when we say “No” she says “Na”, when we say “No, no, no” she says “Na na na”. Also, when we clap she tries her best to clap too but often it’s slapping one hand on top of the other.

My baby is growing up – argh!



Sweet girly sock monkey(Oh, I’m now selling Sock Monkeys on the Eggshell Green shop. If you’re in New Zealand and want to purchase one, leave me a comment and I’ll sort out something for locals.)

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6 thoughts on “Abby Update at 10 Months

  1. She is utterly adorable! Such beautiful skin and pink cheeks and so much luscious hair! That last photo is brilliant! I also love the ones of her eating, so cute :) sorry to hear she’s been poorly and hope she’s better soon x


    Chickie Little

    Aw thanks. She is in much need of a hair cut!


  2. She is SO cute! What a cheeky smile. Utterly gorgeous. PS my almost-ten-month-old is still commando crawling too. I was thinking the same thing about just moving on to walking!


  3. Hey Benhi,
    I would be keen on getting one for Stacey. Do you make them for boys as well? Leon might be jealous and want one too.

    It’s Leon’s birthday next month :)


    Chickie Little

    I’m planning on doing a boy monkey next :) Gee another year huh!


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