Rainbow Shuffle design update

Remember the my Rainbow Shuffle submission I made to Threadless – the unicorn butt-shuffling a rainbow? Well unfortunately this wasn’t printed so I asked them to remove my submission so I can find another printing source. I know a few people who’d like to get this shirt.

Now to find the best place(s) to make this available for purchase. Cafepress seems to be the most well known place to sell your own shirts, and there’s also Zazzle and Printfection. I might just open a shop on all three sites, as long as I don’t have to give exclusive rights to any of them. Anyone out there who has an opinion on these, or maybe some other places?

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6 thoughts on “Rainbow Shuffle design update

  1. CafePress used to have a bad rep for low-quality merchandise — fading prints on tees etc. They’ve apparently improved a lot but the stigma remains (at least in some quarters).

    I mostly hear of Zazzle in the context of a web comic artist complaining about knock-offs of their designs being sold there, and Zazzle being unrepentant (since it’s a Zazzle customer, not Zazzle).

    Red Bubble is a popular self-publishing service in Melbourne. They are geared toward photography and painting but do all kinds of stuff.


  2. Thanks Rob. Been reading about a few places and it’s hard to keep up with what’s the current situation and what’s been improved etc. Not sure I want to go with Zazzle if they let people get away with infringing copyright.
    Will keep researching.


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