Abby Update at 11.5 months

Abby has started walking on her own! She’s only recently decided that she can let go of whatever she’s holding onto and take a few steps by herself. She makes it a couple of metres before she falls – and she even falls gently now instead of crashing down on her bum. I’m so proud!

She’s also learnt to put on her “jewels”, which are actually mummy’s Las Vegas necklaces when she and daddy went for a gambling trip when we were in the US one year. (The cheap margarita slushies were awesome by the way.)

Look at my sparklies

Look at my sparklies

Pink pegs are tastiest

Pink pegs are tastiest

Grub grub

Grubby, but purty with my jewels

So in a nutshell, at 11 and a half months old:

  • Crawls normally instead of dragging herself commando-style.
  • Can take several steps by herself, about two metres, before losing her balance.
  • Prefers to feed herself. Often she’ll grab the spoon from me and shove it in her mouth.
  • Can turn the TV on and off, as well as the computer and my laptop – annoying!
  • Loves walking, with help, around the house and especially out in the garden. Will often cry about not being allowed outside anymore!
  • Can kick a ball while you walk with her.
  • Kisses herself in the mirror.
  • Lifts up your shirt to find your belly and poke your belly button.
  • Can happily play by herself as long as she knows you’re nearby. She’ll come find you otherwise.
  • Plays with Fez – she’ll roll a ball, or push a toy in his direction. Sometimes Fez pushes things back – very cute.
  • Also loves playing in Fez’s water bowl and food bowl. Recently learnt she can throw his biscuits out of the dog door – along with his bowl.

Just "counting" the dog food

Mums tummy is almost as big as Abbys

Mum's tummy is almost as big as Abby's

She’s one in less than two weeks – arrrrggh! And I still have to plan her party – ARrrRRGGHHh!

I do apologise for the low quality photos. Our Canon SLR broke, again, and is still being looked at. The shop rang last week to say it was fixed and there was no charge, but when the hubby went to pick it up they gave him someone else’s camera. So it’s not fixed and there may be a charge (which they better waive, especially if it’s another functional fault). What a dumb mistake, get your act together!

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