It’s a boy!

Yes, there will be a little brother for Abby to play with next year. Hooray – one of each!

Boy Baby

Boy Baby's profile

I had my 20 week scan today (although I’m actually 19 weeks 3 days). Baby was being difficult to scan because he kept moving. He’s quite an active fellow, more so than I remember Abby being at the same stage. At the 12 week scan he turned a somersault, and at this one he was constantly turning in all directions and moving his limbs – at one stage he even managed a wave.

Babys back showing kidneys

Baby's spine, kidneys and pelvis

The stats are looking like this bub may be bigger than Abby, which is not something I’m looking forward to when the time comes!

Little feet

Little feet

I don’t have the picture where it shows the baby has a scrotum and penis (giggle, and ew – there’s a penis inside me all the time!). I was surprised about this because the lady had paused the image on-screen to show us. I expected to find an image on our CD because we had the one showing Abby’s gender. Oh well, we still have a boy!

Now to think of some names. And maybe buy a new house with a white picket fence.

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7 thoughts on “It’s a boy!

  1. Oh, hooray! Almost every couple I know who has moved onto #2 has had a second of a kind, so I am always extra excited for a one of each.

    (also- the penis inside thing makes me giggle more than anything else in the world)


    Chickie Little

    Yeah it’s quite common eh, thankfully, or I might end up like my mum’s family where there were 9 girls before a boy!


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