Abby Update at 12 Months

Yes, Abby is one today!! Happy Birthday my little scabby-nosed cherub.

We had yum char with Grandma and Grandpa, and Abby got to open the presents that were sent from some family and friends (many thanks guys!). She’s already been playing with the present we got for her the other week. We also made a canvas painting of her hand and foot prints though that was a bit of a fail. (I’ll have to put photos up later as I am rushing this to get onto her cake…)

There have been a few firsts in this last couple of weeks.

  • She face-planted the path and scraped some skin off her nose. Her first real owie. Gosh I felt like such a bad parent.
  • She got her first chest infection and is on antibiotics. All seems to be good now – no temperature and she’s not grumpy anymore (unless it’s time for antibiotics).
  • She had her first solo icecream in a cone.
  • She’s found the first thing she can climb up onto by herself – the futon in her room. We have to sell that so we can give her a proper child’s room that’s child-proof and fun to play in. She loves to play on the futon though so it’s sad we’ll be getting rid of it.
  • Abby was so excited about having a future brother that she pooed in her bath, first time ever. Just before I got her out (which I suppose is lucky..?). She farted and out come poop. That’s my classy girl.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday you little trouble-maker

Abby can go “baa”, “mmm” and “blop blop blop” when we ask her what a sheep, cow or fish does. She can put things on her head, and can put her necklaces on all by herself (eventually). She would rather “brush” her own teeth although it doesn’t get done very well.

She can play with lots of toys that didn’t make sense to her before. She loves things that make music and reacts to her actions. She loves reading and turning pages (often ripping them inadvertently).

She lets go and takes a few steps by herself at times. She interacts with Fez and tries to play fetch with him, pat him, and sometimes pokes him for a giggle (poor Fez!).

She copies you quite often – sounds and actions (though her sounds are quite limited).

Her first birthday party is this Sunday – I must go and work on her cake, now!

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4 thoughts on “Abby Update at 12 Months

  1. Can’t believe this time last year we were all waking up to your text! Happy Birthday sweet little Abby, you are such a treasure and we can’t wait to meet your little brother! Hugs from all the Nelsons.


    Chickie Little

    Aw thanks Sarah :) Can’t wait to see you guys in February (if not before). And thanks for her cute top!


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