Abby Update at 12.5 months

For some reason since turning one, Abby is waking up in the middle of the night. It’s not every night, but it’s not usual for her. We think it might be either she’s too hot/cold (this weather is just crazy a the moment), or she’s hungry, or she’s got wind from her new formula. We are now on to cow’s milk as her main drink, and although we can just give her everday milk, we are currenlty using formula because it’s cheaper and more convenient to just take unmixed milk when going out.

We just did our Christmas shopping today – ouch to the bank account. It’s fun shopping for toys. I’d much rather shop for kids than adults. Abby’s got a few goodies that she’s going to love (well she better!). I’m quite excited about opening these presents with her because I’m keen to play with the toys too!

Abby is getting quite good at solo-walking. She tends to lunge towards you at the last few steps, fingers pointed dangerously at your face.

Abby has started using her walker, finally. We got this several weeks ago hoping it would help her to learn to walk, but every time we got her to hold on she would sit down again. So we abandoned it and just held her hand instead. She now pushes it around, sometimes even getting herself up on it without our help.

We are now in possession of Neigh-neigh – a rocking horse which was handed down from my fabulous sister-in-law. It’s such a cute toy despite missing its tail, but it has a nice opening there which I’m sure I’ll find biscuits or Lego shoved into it at some stage.

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