Abby Update at 13 Months

So this post is a couple of days early but I am not intending to do anything online for a few days while we are celebrating Christmas and the summer with our extended family.

I can’t believe this is Abby’s second Christmas! At least this year she’s not a newborn so will be able to actually enjoy the presents, food and company like everyone else (unlike her first Christmas where she just slept).

Abby on Neigh-neigh and her mini sock monkey in a stocking

Abby on Neigh-neigh and her mini sock monkey in a stocking

Abby got to open some of her Chrissie presents early, one of them being a paddling pool gifted from a friend. It was so nice last Saturday that I thought she might like a paddle on the deck. And she did – lots.

She lurrrves water, playing and drinking it too (at least it was just plain tap water and not chlorinated public pool water).

Mum and dad got Abby a play oven for Christmas, which she was allowed to open last week also. She’s not quite figured out how to turn the hob dials though, but can press the “timer” button for the oven so it ticks and dings.

The random stuff in my oven are done!

The random stuff in my oven are done!

Then she spends the rest of the time putting things in and taking things out of the oven. She also pretends to fry up what I like to think is bacon and eggs for mum’s breakfast.

Breakfast in bed for mum please

Breakfast in bed for mum please

She’s such a clever cookie. She’s walking more by herself now. She can climb on, and backwards to get off, the sofa/bed or out the back door (another thing I have to watch out for!)

She’s learnt to say “ball” and “shoe” but they come out as “brr” and “shuhr”. (In the video below, at 1:04 I ask her “What is that?” and she starts to say “ball” but I correct her – I then notice that Fez had dropped his ball at her feet. Way to confuse the poor child.)

She’s starting to repeat what we say so I have to watch my potty mouth around her just in case!

Have a merry Christmas and a great break from the norm everyone!

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