Abby Update at 14 Months

What a little monkey! Abby just loves to climb on everything she can – the futon, coffee table, stroller, anything she can reach, including people. I can’t roll around on the floor anymore like I used to, but daddy still does it despite being nipple-twisted and nad-bashed by the Little Miss.

Abby’s learnt some new words. Her vocab consists of:

  • Baa baa (sheep sound)
  • Mmmm (cow sound)
  • Brrrr (horse sound)
  • Berr (ball)
  • Shoe
  • Teeh (teeth)
  • Daddy
  • Mum mum
  • Nah nah (banana, she even said the proper word once)
  • Baby (I don’t think she knows what it means but she likes saying this)
  • Abby – yes, she says her own name! So cute.
  • Beh beh beh (strawberry)
  • Nin nin (grandma taught her this Chinese slang word for ‘milk’)
  • Yeeeha (Dad taught her this while she was on her rocking horse)
  • e-ya-e-ya-e (Old Mac Donald had a farm, eieio)
  • um (arm)

We managed to take Abby to the beach finally. My parents were here so I thought a trip to Days Bay would be nice as I hadn’t been there before. Abby wasn’t allowed to get down and dirty in the sand though (my parents disapprove of kids getting ‘dirty’, which makes it hard for Abby to play when they’re around), but at least she got to walk on the sand and eee over seagulls.

Looking at the water

Looking at the water

Abby is a knowledge sponge. She will observe and copy. She has picked up in the last day or so that keys open doors, and has twice toddled all the way to the front door and tried to stick the house keys into the door knob. Noone taught her this, but Grandpa said that she was watching him while he unlocked the door the other day.

She has also figured out that the foot stool gives her access to higher things and has been carrying it around to the kitchen and back to the lounge to see what she can reach. Nothing is safe now!

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4 thoughts on “Abby Update at 14 Months

  1. Oh dear. Better keep an eye on that little monkey. My brother loved cars when he was about 2 and managed to find keys and try to open the car door once.
    And one time my Aunty had left her keys in the car and he got in the drivers seat and turned it on. As far as I remember succeeding in his task scared the shit out of him!


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