You are second in the queue

Last night I dreamt that we were watching a movie that became a reality that I was part of. I seem to have lots of these types of dreams.

The movie was set in a hotel restaurant, and involved a man being told he’d have to launch an attack on India (or something to do with India) – he chose to shoot himself…

Waiters bustled around confused about the situation. I found myself part of the restaurant crowd and it was ‘real’. Investigators came and started asking questions. I said “I saw how it happened, but havent’ seen the body for myself”.  The body was now in another room and I didn’t want to see it.

All of  sudden I was back at home with my husband and Abby. Abby was fast asleep. The hubby said that the same men who asked for the attack on India were after him. Before anything else, Abby had woken up and walked into the kitchen to where we were talking. We thought “WTF? Did she crawl up and through the ceiling?” – that was a totally reasonable explanation in that dream! We found that apparently she managed to get out of a gap in her bunk bed barriers and out of her room. (By the way, Abby still sleeps in her cot in real life.)

Then the phone rung. It was Vodafone saying they’d help protect us. They started the call with “Sorry we’ve been so slack…” (lol!) and offered us a safe house. I told the husband I didn’t want to stay in the house any longer and we needed to go now. Then we heard car noises out front and someone knocked at the door….

That’s when I woke up to the sound of Abby crying – it was 1am at this stage. *Yawn*.

Did I mention my husband works for Telecom? What’s the dream trying to say? Get rid of Indian call centres, and go work for Vodafone? Sheesh, I dunno.

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2 thoughts on “You are second in the queue

  1. I seem to get a lot of vivid dreams when the weather is hotter. Most of the times I can recall them well just after waking but then forget the details if I don’t think about it again.

    I think the Vodafone/Telecom thing snuck in because my cousin was having some issues with getting stuff fixed and saying she should switch to Vodafone.


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