Abby Update at 16 Months

We finally got Abby a climber (yay for Trademe) so that she can be a monkey without getting in trouble. It’s a Little Tikes Easy Store climber that’s supposed to be for kids aged 2 1/2 and up but we’ve provided a stool and chair as platforms for her to climb up and use the slide. She’s quite good at going up the ladders at the park, but the ones on her climber are a bit more challenging as they’re upright and there’s no platform at the top to crawl onto. Nevermind – I’m sure she’ll get the jist of things pretty soon.



I also got her a second-hand doll’s cradle and stroller. She’s having fun pushing her soft toys (her “baby”) around in the stroller and even knows how to steer it. I’ve taught her to rock the cradle, but she’s more interested in trying to climb inside.

If you haven’t got the hint by now, I’m trying to set Abby up to entertain herself so that hopefully she won’t need all my attention once her little brother arrives. She seems to be pretty good at playing by herself anyway but can be quite clingy some days (due to teething we think).

Abby peering at her dad mowing the lawn

Abby peering at her dad mowing the lawn

Talking of teeth, she has 12 and we’re expecting another two at least. We still have to enrol her into a school dental program so she can go in for free checkups.

Abby’s new thing is swatting flies. She saw me do it and now attempts it herself. She calls flies “bah” or “wah” – not sure why though! She also now can say “Please” but you have to remind her and it comes out as “pee”. Oh, and she also says “pee pee” when she’s sitting on her potty. We’re not actually toilet training her yet, but we’ve noticed she likes to wee after a bath and have been trying to get her to do it on the potty. She has no clue what it’s for but likes to sit on it and say “pee pee” now.

She’s understanding lots more now, like “Lie down” (for a nappy change), “Sit down”, “Put it back”, “Put it on the table”, “Give to daddy/mummy”, “Get your shoes”, among other things.

To add to her existing vocabularly, Abby can also say the following:

  • Bee
  • Bowl
  • Pea
  • Pee pee
  • Pee (please)
  • Wow-wa (flower)
  • Ow
  • Owl (the bird but it just sounds like “ow”)
  • Wo wo (woof woof)
  • Choo choo (train)
  • Vroom (car sound)
  • Da ka (cracker)
  • Juice
  • Tissue
  • Up – She really loves this one, using it to mean she wants to be picked up, or get out of her high chair, or wants us to open something.
  • No no no no no! – Oh yes, she knows what she wants and what she definitely doesn’t want now.
  • Om – She points to her mouth when she says this to indicate she’s hungry!

And you know what else? She finally acknowledges me as “mam mee” – actually pointing to me, or photos of me and knowing that I’m not “daddy”, a “na na” or a “wo wo”, which she has previously answered when asked who I was.

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3 thoughts on “Abby Update at 16 Months

  1. Really awesome idea to get her sitting on the potty – the more fun and relaxed you make it the easier potty training will be when the time comes. And if she does happen to do something, make the biggest deal in the world about it, then she might think it is a fun game and do it again!


    Chickie Little

    It would be great if it made potty training easier. Certainly not looking to it though!


  2. Love the one of her peeking through the bannisters – what a character. Yes the potty training changed my life though I have to admit, it was done for me for three of my kids by their pre-school, The most efficient was the one in London who had them magically trained by their second b-day!


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