Two weeks to go!

In less than 14 days I’m going to be a mother of two. That’s scary. I’ve been wondering whether I’m ready to be a mum again. Things with Abby were just getting to the point where I could start being myself again: wearing prepregnancy clothes; having proper sleep; having time and energy to do things like crafting, socialising and being my husband’s wife; basically having a life again!

I have a terrible cold at the moment so it’s been even harder to accept that soon I will be awake every three hours to feed a screaming baby as well as look after an active toddler (as well as running a household and keeping myself sanitary!).

As for the pregnancy, I’m over it! I want this baby out as soon as possible, but hopefully after this cold’s subsided. My joints ache, my stretch marks have stretch marks, I can’t breathe properly even more so because of congestion, I have indigestion, and am literally sick and tired!

In saying all that, I’m so excited to meet the boy (we have yet to decide on a name) and love him as we love Abby. I know it’s going to be very hard for a little while, but we will have two little darlings who will grow up as best friends and practically look after themselves. Hooray for optimism! (And the labour will be quick and easy no doubt, lol.)

38 weeks and two to go

38 weeks and two to go

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3 thoughts on “Two weeks to go!

  1. It is so worth it. I love having 2 kiddies, and you have a wonderful hubby and it really won’t be that long until you can start doing things for you again! Abby is such a darling and that is truly a credit to you and Neil. Can’t wait to meet your little man – boys are sooooo cute! Take care and get well.


    Chickie Little

    Thanks heaps Sarah. I know the first few weeks will just fly like it did with Abby – good and sad at the same time. I’m really looking forward to at least not feeling uncomfortable and sick (from the cold) anymore.


  2. I was so fed up by the end of my pregnancy with Lucas, the heartburn was so bad I felt like vomitting every time I lay down and I ached everywhere!
    The first few weeks will drag and fly at the same time – enjoy the newborn smells and cuddles, they are just so precious!


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