Wedding cake dramas

Oh the dramas with this wedding cake!

I was asked to make a simple elegant cake, with a bunch of flowers on top. Sounded like fun – I was looking for an excuse to practice making sugar flowers so was quite excited.

Sugar hydrangea in the making

Sugar hydrangea in the making

The cake was three tiers: the bottom was a 12 inch chocolate cake, and the 10 inch and 8 inch tiers were a very delicious fruit cake speckled with dark chocolate bits.

Assembled hydrangea and rose

Assembled hydrangea and rose

First drama: Burnt fruit cakes

The last time I made fruit cake was for my own wedding. From that I learnt that the ‘classic bake’ function on our previous oven is a very handy thing. It means that only the bottom element is turned on and when baking for 3 hours it helps prevent the tops from burning. Our new oven doesn’t have this function so alas the tops needed a bit of ‘levelling’. Tasted fine in the end though.

First bouquet

Sugar bouquet version 1

Second drama: Broken bouquet

After hours of labourious intricacies, the hubby accidentally knocked over my completed sugar bouquet, smashing half of the flowers. Luckily I had enough time, and experience by then, to whip up the replacements without too much bother. Luckily for him he was helping me roll fondant and it was indeed an accident. (My husband tells me that I have to mention that “In hindsight I should’ve put them in a better place and not teetering on the edge of the bench”. Who’s writing this post huh!? :D )

Third drama: Squished cake

Well bad things seem to come in threes. During transportation to the venue, a friend’s hands moulded into the sides of the top tier while he held it in the car. We got there and the round cake looked more like an hour glass. NooOoooOO – why now!?! Not now!!! I kept my cool, which is surprising for a pregnant lady, and luckily (yes, luck was the saving grace for this cake) the icing was thick and soft enough to mould back into shape. It wasn’t perfect but it at least it was round (mostly) again!

The finished cake, finally

The finished cake, repaired and displaying the second version bouquet

Plenty of lessons learnt from my first commissioned cake and it was worth it all in the end to see how happy the bride was.

You can view the gallery of my cakes on the Cakes page.

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5 thoughts on “Wedding cake dramas

  1. Beautiful Benhi, you Dixon women certainly are clever with your cakes!!!!


    Chickie Little

    Aw thanks :) Was relatively simple to make this wedding cake actually, just took a bit of learning and lots of patience!


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