Another freak storm

It wasn’t a snow storm this time, but today Wellington had what the media has called a hail storm of a decade.

Icy pearls

Icy pearls

I certainly hadn’t seen such big hail stones before. One moment it was the usual small balls of ice, the next I heard what sounded like stones being thrown at our window. I looked outside and the deck was covered in hail the size of chickpeas. Impressive. (Apparently they were marble-sized in the city.)

Ooh I'll have some thank you

Ooh, I’ll have some thank you

Abby wanted to go outside, but yeah, nah. I scooped some up and took it inside for her to play with though.

This weather isn’t doing any good to our seedlings. I noticed some of our seeds had germinated and then this happens.

Tough time for our seedlings

Tough time for our seedlings

There’s also a trough next to the pot in the picture, but I purposefully didn’t include it – why? Because our dear little dog decided to take a dump on it because he was too wussy to venture out onto the lawn. Little SOB (and that’s literal too, ba-boom!)

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