Make me a sandwich, of sorts

I fear that Abby has developed what I will call “SSS”, or “Strange Sandwich Syndrome”.

I believe it may be be hereditary, skipping a generation. Let me explain…

My dad once made himself a cake sub with the leftover Domo-kun cake I made. He doesn’t like sweet things much but was hungry, so he stuffed cake inside a bit of French bread and voilĂ  – a cake sub.

After the cake sub, he invented the trifle sandwich: Vogels bread with trifle from the previous night’s dessert. Seriously, that man should just admit he likes cake.

My dad also decided he needed more fibre with his meal, and could only bother with making toast with peanut butter. So he had his peanut butter toast with a side of mesculin.

Proud of her pancake sandwich

Look what I made

And now it appears that Abby has SSS. The other day I made her pikelets (small pancakes), and she loved them. But that was not enough – she needed a sandwich…

Rice cracker pandwich

Is it a pancake? Is it a sandwich? No, it’s a pandwich!

So she decided to make one with a pancake. And what would one put inside a pancake sandwich? Rice cracker snacks of course.

Step 1: Put crackers in pancake

Step 1: Put crackers on pancake

Step 2: Fold pancake in half over rice crackers

Step 2: Fold pancake in half over rice crackers

Step 3: Devour pandwich

Step 3: Devour pandwich

Let’s hope this is a positive sign of an imaginative chef in the making. That, or she’ll just make weird sandwiches and call it cooking! (As foodie parents, I hope it’s not the latter, but if so, we will try not to judge – until we try it that is.)

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